Friday, September 25, 2009

Eden's Bouquet

Jen, proprietress of the enchanting world of Eden's Bouquet, is holding a giveaway for a $300 gift certificate. I discovered this line about a year ago and simply fell in love with her beautiful things. They are certain to become heirlooms you will want to pass down to your grandchildren. French laces, rich fabrics, beautiful details, and romantic designs all make these truly lovely clothes for your children. The deadline to enter is Sunday, September 27, at 9:00.

Eden's Bouquet

Monday, September 07, 2009

There was a strange bird in our front yard this summer...

formally announcing the birth of beautiful Brier to our friends and neighbors.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Summer Memories

Can you guess where we traveled to this summer? This summer has been a 'forget me not' season for our family. It has brought lovely surprises, some sadness, and travels to charming places that are special to us. God's perfect timing and omniscience has been revealed in a most beautiful way. I have much to catch up with here at Grace at Home. I hope to share pictures and stories in the coming days. As the last days of summer draw to an end I will post about things that have made this season so memorable...

Friday, July 10, 2009

Sweet hand signing I love you

Perfect toes

Brier, with her bauble (pacifier)

Brier without her bauble

Wednesday, July 08, 2009

May I introduce...

Miss Brier Grace

Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Janie and Jack

I just love shopping for socks for Dulcie at Janie and Jack. Theirs are so sweet with their embroidery, bullion roses, French knot flowers and tiny scalloped edges. Holland wishes they carried socks in her size too but alas, they stop at size 6 - 8. They carry other lovely things as well but I'm especially enchanted by their socks and tights. Their gift wrap is so pretty too, boxes in a floral print with scalloped tissue paper and grosgrain ribbons.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Holland's Recital

Holland, tying her pointe shoe ribbons in the dressing room.

At Carolina's after her recital. I wish I had taken a picture of our
dessert, a Carolina Brittle Basket.

This isn't the best photograph but it's a sweet one.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

After Dulcie's ballet recital...

Dulcie wondering if she wants to dine at Anson, 'the pink restaurant.'

Her nosegay and menu...

My little girl still needs her tip toes in the ladies room.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

If you were wondering where we were tonight...

Monday, May 18, 2009

Rehearsal for a week of Lowcountry recitals...

My beautiful daughters in satin, sequins and tulle

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day!

Friday, May 08, 2009

A friend asked and yes, the picture in Wednesday's post is of the gate opening to our backyard. Our fence and trellis is heavily laden with Confederate Jessamine (Trachelospermum jasminoides), a pinwheel shaped flower in white against green leaves. Each time I walk outside I smell the air, perfectly laced with its sweet Jasmine fragrance.

Wednesday, May 06, 2009

"Promise you won't tell anyone?"
The Secret Garden

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

A Few More Easter Memories...



An Egg Hunt at Home

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter Memories

The girls awoke this morning to find their Easter baskets overflowing with lovely things. Godiva chocolates (one shaped like a charming parasol), creamy roses and sky blue hydrangeas, Flower Fairy flower seeds, tiny Steiff bunnies (a paperwhite one for Holland and an apricot colored one for Dulcie), and a robin’s egg soap from Gianna Rose. I started a silver collection for them this year and each had an ice cream fork in Gorham’s Buttercup pattern in their baskets. Every southern belle needs one of those, wouldn’t you say? :) Holland also received an audio of The Secret Garden to listen to in the car while Dulcie received a storybook from Bunnies By The Bay. The best part is that the Easter bunny shopped throughout the year and when he found something he thought would be a sweet addition to a little girl's basket, he stored it in the linen closet. So other than the chocolates and fresh flowers, his task was very simple this year. Holland and Dulcie, as always, were very grateful for their gifts.

After church, we had plans to have brunch at The Harbour Club. This is where Mark and I had our wedding reception many years ago so it’s always special to go there. But during church, Holland wasn't feeling well. She and I ended up listening to the sermon in the foyer. After much thought she decided she needed to stay home. I insisted that Mark and Dulcie go ahead and and enjoy time together at The Harbour Club while I stayed home with Holland and served her chamomile tea and bunny shaped crackers. They brought us home something to eat though including several traditional Easter desserts! So, the day didn't turn out as we had planned but all in all, it was a special day.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Happy Easter, dear friends!

Friday, April 10, 2009

A Traditional Seder

Last evening our church gathered at the home of our pastor for a ceremonial Seder meal. As we learned about the rich tradition of the Seder, families sat together around a plate of traditional Passover foods which represented historical events...

Matzoh, the bread of haste, full of lines and piercings, just as Our Messiah was pierced for our sins. (Isaiah 53:1) Two were shared among the families while one was hidden for children to search for later.

Horseradish, bitter to remind one of the bitterness of slavery of the Israelites while in Egypt.

Charoses (apples, nuts, wine and cinnamon) which remind one of the mortar made by the slaves as they toiled in constructing buildings for Pharaoh and the Egyptians.

Parsley was used to symbolize hope and redemption, served with a cup of salt water, tears shed.

Four cups of wine (The cup of sanctification, instruction, redemption, and praise) were served throughout the evening

A charred bone representing the sacrificial lamb was shown as we listened to the story of the Passover.

It was a somber time in which I learned so much. I think I would like our family to honor this tradition every year. Afterwards, as always, our church had a lovely time of fellowship with one another. Holland saw a sweet girl she met at a Christmas tea party last year while I was able to visit with her mother and others. Perhaps you would like to make a Seder meal a part of your Easter traditions?

Thursday, April 09, 2009

Days of Gentility

I'm so pleased with my daughters. Today, they accompanied me to my hair appointment. As I was being colored, shampooed, cut and styled, Holland and Dulcie sat in the crowded waiting area with the other customers who were awaiting their turn with the hair magicians. They were within my sight at all times. Each time another lady entered the salon to find no seats, my little girls stood up to offer theirs. I miss the days when this was not an uncommon gesture, when children sacrificed their place for their elders, when they respected their elders. I believe this isn't just a subject for Emily Post though. Scripture teaches this as well. How many places do we read of rising to one's feet as a sign of reverence? Showing respect to the aging brings honor to God. The instruction from Leviticus 19:32 is timeless. "Rise in the presence of the aged, show respect for the elderly and revere your God. I am the LORD." I think, as parents, we need to go back to teaching our children to honor those who came before us.

Life is short but there is always time for courtesy.
~Ralph Waldo Emerson

Monday, April 06, 2009

A Commitment to Loveliness

I love Emma's blog, Charming the Birds from the Trees. I thought I would begin participating in her Commitment to Loveliness. With two young ladies watching my every step, I want to show them the importance of caring for oneself, tending to home and the honor of having been created a lady. Would you like to join me? Each week, simply pick five things to add to the beauty and femininity of your life and post about them. Simple! Here are mine for this week...

1. To begin wearing a bit of fragrance everyday, even when I stay at home. The girls love it and it makes me feel special.
2. I would like to exude more the beautiful fragrance of my Lord.
3. I will begin spending time in God's word again...I've been so neglectful lately.
4. Increase the numbers of water I drink each day. I've done so well with this as of late but there are still days that I don't come close to the recommended amount.
5. Arrange some fresh flowers for our Easter centerpiece.

Monday, March 30, 2009

Thank you, dear Lord!

Rebecca is home.

Saturday, March 21, 2009


Charleston Ballet Theatre is performing Cinderella this weekend. A few children were picked to be the roman numerals on a clock. They dance a very small part in the show but what an honor to be one! Holland is midnight, a most important number, wouldn't you say?

I feel guilty being at the ballet while my niece is in the hospital, while my sister and her family struggle with their many decisions concerning Rebecca's cancer. Yet, Holland has a responsibility which she signed up for before her cousin became sick. She will honor that responsibility and dance her best. I will take in the show and applaud and love seeing my daughter on stage at The Sottille Theatre and hopefully get lost in the magic of the ballet as always. However, I believe my thoughts will be with my family.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

From my sister's pastor

After a second surgery last night to reduce swelling...

"Rebecca is still resting this morning. She is breathing on her own and is able to recognize mom and dad and respond to commands. The doctors are still monitoring her swelling but are pleased with how things went last night in surgery. Please keep praying today. Pray that she will be able to rest and that mom and dad get some rest as well."

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

From Rebecca's daddy...

"Just spoke with the doctor. The doctor removed a tumor the size of a lime. The tumor was sent for testing. Results will be available near the end of the week. However the doctor believes it is medulo blastoma and is likely cancerous. If so, she will start on radiation and chemotherapy. Survival rate is 70 percent. We are doing fine. Thank you for your prayers and your support."

Monday, March 16, 2009


Please pray for my beautiful niece, Rebecca, today. She will be having major surgery this afternoon. Rebecca had been feeling sick for a few weeks and Saturday, after being taken to the emergency room, the doctors found a tumor. I will post further information about her when I can. Thank you, my friends.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

A St. Valentine's Day Quiz

In honor of St. Valentine's Day, I thought I would answer these questions from An Old Fashioned Girl.

1. Where did you meet your hubby?
We met in a restaurant at the seashore in Jacksonville, Florida. I was with my best friend and her friend, Collin. Mark thought Collin was my beaux and when Collin went to ask Mark if he'd like to be introduced to me, Mark thought he was coming to fight him for watching me.

2. Who asked who out first?
Naturally, Mark asked me for a date first! :) I'm too old fashioned to have asked him. He asked for my telephone number which I wrote down on a slip of paper just before he walked me to my car, like a true southern gentleman. Mark still has that paper, now very worn and aged but such a special keepsake.

3. What do you remember most about him?
I thought he was handsome! I knew he was in the Navy from his haircut. As we were chatting that first night we met about being in the Navy I told him I didn't think I could ever marry someone in the military. He replied 'Well, I haven't proposed yet.' I remember blushing terribly!

4. What did you do on your first date?
On our first date we went to L & N Seafood at Jacksonville Landing for dinner and then to romantic Cafe Carmon in San Marco for dessert. For our second date, Mark took me to a hot air balloon race.
To finish the story...A few months later, Mark moved to Maine to finish his time with the Navy and the rest of our courtship was long distance. It was difficult but he made it very romantic. This was before e-mail and so we hand wrote letters to one another. I remember anxiously awaiting the mailman everyday to see if there was a letter from Mark and the disappointment if there wasn't one. I still have those letters. Mark also sent the sweetest CARE packages to me from his travels.

5. What was your favorite thing to do while dating?
We did all sorts of different things. Mark is a renaissance man! One evening we would go to the ballet or a play. The next we would do something not quite so elegant such as go to the greyhound races. No matter how wonderful the date was, my favorite thing was after he left and I could just think about our time together and look forward to the next!

6. When was your first kiss by your sweetheart?
On his sofa...he missed.

7. Who said I love you first?
Mark! I would never say it first. I remember wanting to though but I refused to be the first.

8. When did you first realize that you loved him?
Truthfully, I knew the night we first met. I knew he was going to become very special to me. I told my mother and my sister so the next morning.

9. How did he propose?
At the Charleston Airport when I flew in from Atlanta to attend his Law School graduation. We knew we were going to be married but he was taking too long, in my opinion, to propose so I told him before I set foot on the airplane that if I didn't have a ring, I wouldn't go to the ceremony. He greeted me with flowers and the most beautiful engagement ring.

10. What do you remember about your wedding day?
In a nutshell, I remember how beautiful my mother was that day and how she smiled the most beautiful smiles at me as she watched us having our wedding pictures taken and cutting that first slice of our basket weave wedding cake. I remember how loved I felt being given away by my daddy and how he had shown such fatherly love a few months earlier when Mark and I had cancelled our original wedding date. I remember my sisters being there to share in my happiness and my precious nieces. I remember the disappointment of finding out as I walked down the aisle that the person who had promised us a wedding video hadn't followed through with it. I remember the tenseness with certain family. I remember knowing that Mark and I had eloped days earlier and that selfish tears from someone wouldn't change that. I remember the happiness that comes from marrying your best friend.

Sunday, February 08, 2009

Secret Santa

I'm so far behind in things, as always. One is posting about my Secret Santa. Yes, from December. If you have read my blog the past few years, then you will remember that every Christmas, some of my best friends from around the country and I play Secret Santa. A husband draws names for us and sends our recipient to us via email. This year, my dear English friend Rachel, who lives in Virginia drew my name. She is the author of The Jacobite Rose and is such an artistic lady. When her parcel arrived and I saw her name on it, I knew my box would be filled with lovely creations. I was not disappointed! Filled with individually wrapped gifts, I could hardly contain my excitement as I opened each one.

There were two handknitted tea cozies that were as beautiful as could be. Rachel knows that the girls and I love tea almost everyday, throughout the day, and I'm certain she knew we would use these. One is cream with holly leaves and berries on it...I can't wait for Christmas to come around again. The other is pink and white, perfect for everyday in my pink kitchen! She also knitted the most elegant cranberry colored snood with tiny glass beads sewn into its soft mohair. I hope to be able to wear it one day to church or to the ballet, someplace very special. Along with these things for me, were included two sweet ornaments, a mouse and a teddy bear. Holland & Dulcie believe they were created for them. ;) I do permit them to play with them sometimes, and they so tenderly do. An owl bookmark made from felt was yet another gift. Perfect for an Autumn read, don't you think? Between Holland and myself, we always have several books opened so bookmarks are invaluable to us. Wondering who gets this one! A pretty handsewn tote bag in a Christmas fabric was still another gift. I am picturing visits to the library with it or as a festive place to hold Christmas sewing. I felt very loved as I saw how much work Miss Rachel put into these lovely gifts just for me! Gifts I will certainly pass down to my daughters and to their daughters after them. Heirlooms to come.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart, Rachel. I will treasure these gifts made by your hands forever. Please forgive my tardiness in sharing about them and know that it doesn't reflect my gratitude for all you have done for me. You are a very special friend to me and I treasure you! (Pictures to follow when we get a new printer.)

Friday, January 02, 2009

Miss Jessica
Holland and Dulcie with my beautiful first niece the day after Christmas. Holland has always reminded me of Jessica as a little girl. Holland was so charmed with her cousin that she relinquished her tiara for Jessica to wear while together. Dulcie kept calling her Miss Jessica. :)

Thursday, January 01, 2009

Tea with God

I was just looking at my blog while the girls finished their cinnamon buns and tea and Mark was at Lowe's and I read (skimmed, really) the Children's Catechism question (Question 119) toward the bottom of my blog. It asked 'What do we pray for in the fifth petition (of the Lord's Prayers)?' I honestly didn't think about it but just went straight for the answer. 'That God would pardon our sins for Christ's sake, and enable us to forgive those who have injured us.' (emphasis mine) I believe God has spoken to me on this new year's morning over my cup of tea. Dear Heavenly Father, I pray that you will help me to forgive, as you have forgiven me. Help me to not harbour grudges but to model for my girls what I have tried to teach them over the years. Help me to show them true christian character and to not be hypocritical as I face this trial. In this moment of truth, I pray that I will please you. Amen.
Happy New Year!

I wish God's rich blessings on each of you during 2009! Our New Year's evening began with oysters. As he has always done, Mark shucked mine for me. I'm so blessed by him in so many ways. Spoiled, too. The girls made cards for me on the paper napkins at the restaurant. More blessings. We came home and I made an eggnog punch. I served it, followed by some Godiva chocolate covered toffee popcorn (too much sweets, I know) while the girls watched Kit Kittredge, a DVD they received as a Christmas present. Dulcie and I fell asleep during the eleventh hour to the sounds of nearby fireworks. Mark fell asleep earlier (smile). I will have to ask Holland in a few hours if she was awake to ring in the new year. I'm so thankful we were all together though. Thankful for my family. Thankful for my friends.

2009 isn't beginning the way I thought, the way I hoped. Disappointment and sadness are peeking through but they will not shadow my blessings. Once I met 8 people. 6 of them became my best friends. I call that a blessing, wouldn't you? Leaving the old year is bittersweet. It ended on a sour note but 2009 is a new chapter. Steel Magnolias comes to mind...delicate like the Southern Magnolia but strong as steel. That's what I want for my little southern belles. That's what I will be this year. Amy of A Snip of Goodness, chooses a word for her new year. I like that almost more than having a theme. I wonder if I could pick two words,please. Steel Magnolia.