Tuesday, April 14, 2009

A Few More Easter Memories...



An Egg Hunt at Home


Paula said...

Hello! I am so glad to have found you through sweet Madai's lovely blog, Forget Me Nots From Wren Cottage!

Your blog is very lovely, and I am enjoying it so much! Your daughters are so beautiful!!!! What a blessing they are! They look so pretty in their Easter dresses. Such lovely photos! The Easter basket in your previous post is so lovely as well!

I see we have much in common... kindred spirits I would say! I am a southern girl, too. I have always lived in Louisiana.

Have a blessed day,

Paula said...

Oh, I forgot to say, I love both your daughter's names!

Love, Paula

joyinthejourney said...

Ooooo---the girls are so pretty in their hats and Dulcie with the hydrangea is just lovely!

Andrea said...

Lovely pictures! Your blog, as always is a refreshing place of inspiration!

I have been out of touch, for my son and his sweet little family visited us for a week. They left this morning(sad).

Your girls are so beautiful! What a lovely Easter you had!

Again, I love your blog. Such warm, cottagey pictures and quotes!

Take care, and many, many blessings to you.