Saturday, November 22, 2008

The Red Shoes

Have you read the fairy tale by Hans Christian Anderson? It centers around a peasant girl who is adopted by a rich elderly lady. The girl tricks her mother to buy her a pair of red shoes, which she wears to church every Sunday and doesn't listen to the priest. When her adoptive mother dies, the girl attends a ball instead of the funeral and there begins to dance. Once she begins, she never ever can stop. Then there is a dark part to the tale but in the end, the little girl confesses her sins of vainness and well, I don't want to spoil the story for you so I'll permit you to read it for yourself while I go to warn Dulcie to listen in church tomorrow while wearing her new red shoes...

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Tea for Two?

I saw on my friend Jill's blog, Praiseworthy Things, that Teasta is offering two complementary samples of tea. The girls and I drink tea almost everyday and are always wanting to try new flavors. I ordered an Earl Grey Cream, because I love Earl Grey but have never tried the creamier version. It has oil of Bergamot in it. Also, I ordered a wild blueberry green tea. You may want to visit Teasta while the offer is good. Also, The Republic of Tea always sends me a sample along with their newest catalog. If you want to try different flavors of premium teas, ask for them to add you to their mailing list. Jill, thank you for allowing me to piggyback your past two blog posts. :)
The Grinch

Charleston Ballet Theatre is presenting The Grinch this season as part of their Children's Series. It was held at their small downtown studio instead of one of the performing arts auditorium which made it seem more cozy. The scenery was simple but the dancing as always, was superb. Holland is performing in the shows this weekend but she wanted to see one too, so I took her and Dulcie to one of the shows this past Saturday. It was wonderful! This particular performance was just for the families of the Charleston Ballet School and we had front row seats. Perfect seats! I think Holland enjoyed watching her friends dance and I know she liked being a spectator for once instead of always being on the stage. After the show, there was a Who-Pie party where naturally, pies were served. I caught Holland sneaking a second slice, by the way. ;) The professional dancers were there to greet the audience which is always fun. We took pictures of some of our favorite dancers. Below is one with the Grinch and his faithful dog, Max. I'm hoping to get a good picture of Holland this weekend in her Who-Girl costume. If I do, I'll be certain to post it.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Autumn Swap

Holland, Dulcie and I recently participated in an Autumn Swap within a group of other mothers with daughters. My friend Kim from Graceful Girlhood, and her sweet daughters, drew our name. We were so blessed by their gifts.
After receiving our parcel, we didn't open it right away. I wanted to wait until we were able to truly enjoy the time together opening it and not be rushed because of ballet or school or this or that. Finally, we opened it Thursday. My girls were beside themselves with anticipation! The box was over the top with lovely and creative things. Kim had crocheted each of us the most charming teacup and saucer and the girls have been having tea parties with them ever since we opened the box, along with the faux pumpkins and gourds that we will use on our nature table. The teacups were beyond adorable. Holland & Dulcie have been enjoying them with their dolls and we may hang them on a tiny Christmas tree in our homeschool room. Kim made a commonplace book for each of us, just like the ones Thomas Jefferson and Ralph Waldo Emerson kept, to preserve things such as special recipes, lovely poetry, proverbs and prayers, thoughts we want to remember, etc. Sometimes I see a new word that I want to tuck into my memory but often forget it. This will be the perfect place to write down those words! Dulcie's book is almost filled already (giggle) but Holland and I are being more discriminatory with ours. We each received a personalized bookmark (something we will certainly use as we all love books). We also received a pretty recipe card of our own. Holland will soon start her own recipe collection and this will serve as her first one. I told Kim I was saving Dulcie's for another year until her penmanship improved a bit. :) Kim also made me a CD with other recipe cards and stationary, etc. on it. I told her that I felt like I had been given a treasure box! Oh and she made each of us the sweetest tiny gift enclosures. As we first saw them, we knew which one was for each of us, almost as if Kim and her girls knew us as well as we know ourselves.
We will treasure these gifts for a very long time and will always remember your kindness. Kim, Boogie, and Boot Scoot, thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your sweet gifts. You have given us a very special memory for this favorite of seasons. We will always remember your thoughtfulness.

Friday, November 14, 2008

The 12 Days of Holiday Homemaking!

What a fun way to welcome the holiday season! My friend Jill told me about this. Would you like to join us in these free downloads from Seasons at Home? Visit Joyous Home for the 12 Days of Holiday Homemaking!