Friday, August 01, 2008

Time Well Spent
The first post of a new blog is always daunting. I think I'll begin by sharing about our tea party. It was a belated birthday present for our beautiful Holland who has shown much patience with Mommy and Daddy while awaiting it for five months. We went to Time Well Spent Tearoom and had a lovely time together as a family. Holland and Dulcie selected Ginger Peach while I had Coconut something. We all sampled peach scones, tiny cream puffs, finger sandwiches and fresh fruit. The proprieter of the tearoom brought out a cupcake with a china teapot ornament on it for Holland. She also presented an ornament to Dulcie, because "everyone should receive a favor at a birthday party." Afterwards, we looked around a bit in their gift shop. I warned my little one to hold tightly to her ornament or better yet, to let me hold it... but no, Dulcie just couldn't let go of it. A few minutes passed before Dulcie learned that mommies do know best. She came to me with the pot in one hand, the handle in the other, and tears in her eyes. Mark paid for a new one but this time, Dulcie agreed for me to hold it until we arrived home. Holland was very happy and grateful for her birthday (and a half) party.

making a wish and blowing a candle