Monday, April 06, 2009

A Commitment to Loveliness

I love Emma's blog, Charming the Birds from the Trees. I thought I would begin participating in her Commitment to Loveliness. With two young ladies watching my every step, I want to show them the importance of caring for oneself, tending to home and the honor of having been created a lady. Would you like to join me? Each week, simply pick five things to add to the beauty and femininity of your life and post about them. Simple! Here are mine for this week...

1. To begin wearing a bit of fragrance everyday, even when I stay at home. The girls love it and it makes me feel special.
2. I would like to exude more the beautiful fragrance of my Lord.
3. I will begin spending time in God's word again...I've been so neglectful lately.
4. Increase the numbers of water I drink each day. I've done so well with this as of late but there are still days that I don't come close to the recommended amount.
5. Arrange some fresh flowers for our Easter centerpiece.