Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Kim, of Graceful Girlhood, one of my most favorite blogs, has created a lovely award to share with friends with whom you feel a special bond. It is the Kindred Spirit Award. If you haven't had the pleasure of reading Kim's blog I invite you to hop over there. She has the most beautiful thoughts on mothering and just has bunches of ideas for celebrating the most special of relationships, that between mothers and daughters.

My sweet, English friend Rachel, has awarded me this Kindred Spirit Award! I've never received an award online before and am honored for this to be my first. What a special award it is to be held in such company as The Jacobite Rose. Thank you my dear friend! You have blessed me with your friendship over the years and I'm so thankful for you. Now, I would like to present this to another friend of mine...

Donna lives in Charleston as do I but we first met online almost two years ago through our blogs even though we have been in the same homeschool group for quite a few years. I love her dearly. She is just a lovely person whom I admire so much. She has a sweet heart and is just the most precious southern belle ever. She is a wonderful mother of 8 and the wife of our pastor. Mark and I are very grateful God led us to their church and for their presence in our lives. Donna, I give you the Kindred Spirit Award because you are one of my best friends and we share so much in common. I love you and can't imagine not having you in my life.

If you would like to bless someone with this award, please follow the guidelines below. The circle of friendships I have made on the internet is very special to me and I'm certain you each have befriended someone equally special to you.

1. Copy and save the graphic above, and then share it with a friend or friends.
2. Write a blog post about the award and who you awarded it too.
3. Link back to the original post.
4. Leave a comment on the original post, and let Kim know who you awarded, and don't forget to tell your recipient(s).
5. Check back to see the circle of kindred spirits.