Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter Memories

The girls awoke this morning to find their Easter baskets overflowing with lovely things. Godiva chocolates (one shaped like a charming parasol), creamy roses and sky blue hydrangeas, Flower Fairy flower seeds, tiny Steiff bunnies (a paperwhite one for Holland and an apricot colored one for Dulcie), and a robin’s egg soap from Gianna Rose. I started a silver collection for them this year and each had an ice cream fork in Gorham’s Buttercup pattern in their baskets. Every southern belle needs one of those, wouldn’t you say? :) Holland also received an audio of The Secret Garden to listen to in the car while Dulcie received a storybook from Bunnies By The Bay. The best part is that the Easter bunny shopped throughout the year and when he found something he thought would be a sweet addition to a little girl's basket, he stored it in the linen closet. So other than the chocolates and fresh flowers, his task was very simple this year. Holland and Dulcie, as always, were very grateful for their gifts.

After church, we had plans to have brunch at The Harbour Club. This is where Mark and I had our wedding reception many years ago so it’s always special to go there. But during church, Holland wasn't feeling well. She and I ended up listening to the sermon in the foyer. After much thought she decided she needed to stay home. I insisted that Mark and Dulcie go ahead and and enjoy time together at The Harbour Club while I stayed home with Holland and served her chamomile tea and bunny shaped crackers. They brought us home something to eat though including several traditional Easter desserts! So, the day didn't turn out as we had planned but all in all, it was a special day.


joyinthejourney said...

I love their beautiful baskets! I think its a wonderful idea to start their silver collection. This is so funny, but I was reading an article about table settings yesterday and had NEVER heard of an ice cream fork until then!!

So sorry Holland was sick Sunday. I didn't know. I'm glad you had a sweet day anyway.

Melanie said...

What lovely Easter Baskets! I love that each little treasure was selected so thoughtfully.. Beautiful!

Kathryn said...

This is the MOST lovely idea for an Easter basket collection I've ever seen. I will be bookmarking this post to keep me remembering these ideas for our next Easter!
I hope HOlland is feeling better!

Sleeping Brier Rose said...

Your blog is lovely. We are kindred spirits and are so ALIKE. Hope you FEEL BETTER. Love,

Grace at Home said...


This is Grace at Home...I would love an invitation to your private blog, please. Pretty please!