Sunday, February 08, 2009

Secret Santa

I'm so far behind in things, as always. One is posting about my Secret Santa. Yes, from December. If you have read my blog the past few years, then you will remember that every Christmas, some of my best friends from around the country and I play Secret Santa. A husband draws names for us and sends our recipient to us via email. This year, my dear English friend Rachel, who lives in Virginia drew my name. She is the author of The Jacobite Rose and is such an artistic lady. When her parcel arrived and I saw her name on it, I knew my box would be filled with lovely creations. I was not disappointed! Filled with individually wrapped gifts, I could hardly contain my excitement as I opened each one.

There were two handknitted tea cozies that were as beautiful as could be. Rachel knows that the girls and I love tea almost everyday, throughout the day, and I'm certain she knew we would use these. One is cream with holly leaves and berries on it...I can't wait for Christmas to come around again. The other is pink and white, perfect for everyday in my pink kitchen! She also knitted the most elegant cranberry colored snood with tiny glass beads sewn into its soft mohair. I hope to be able to wear it one day to church or to the ballet, someplace very special. Along with these things for me, were included two sweet ornaments, a mouse and a teddy bear. Holland & Dulcie believe they were created for them. ;) I do permit them to play with them sometimes, and they so tenderly do. An owl bookmark made from felt was yet another gift. Perfect for an Autumn read, don't you think? Between Holland and myself, we always have several books opened so bookmarks are invaluable to us. Wondering who gets this one! A pretty handsewn tote bag in a Christmas fabric was still another gift. I am picturing visits to the library with it or as a festive place to hold Christmas sewing. I felt very loved as I saw how much work Miss Rachel put into these lovely gifts just for me! Gifts I will certainly pass down to my daughters and to their daughters after them. Heirlooms to come.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart, Rachel. I will treasure these gifts made by your hands forever. Please forgive my tardiness in sharing about them and know that it doesn't reflect my gratitude for all you have done for me. You are a very special friend to me and I treasure you! (Pictures to follow when we get a new printer.)

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