Friday, January 02, 2009

Miss Jessica
Holland and Dulcie with my beautiful first niece the day after Christmas. Holland has always reminded me of Jessica as a little girl. Holland was so charmed with her cousin that she relinquished her tiara for Jessica to wear while together. Dulcie kept calling her Miss Jessica. :)


Spinneretta said...

It's funny but Holland looks a whole lot like her!!
Love this picture!

Jill said...

Holland does resemble her very much! She is lovely. Is this the neice who might come and live by me?

brooke said...

That is such a beautiful picture! I love Dulcie's hair and Jessica and Holland really do look alike.

KAlexaLott said...

I am happy to award you the One Lovely Blog Award. You will find the graphic at this post.

Now it's your turn to pass it on to seven lovely friends!


Sondra said...

I love the picture! Jessica said she had such a good time with the girls.

Ann Marie said...

Beautiful Girls~

Thanks for visiting my blog, and for your sweet words.. They mean alot.. My baby is doing much better today! Yay!

You look like you have an awesome blog! I love vinatge things as well, and you have some adorable pictures!
Have a happy weekend~ Ann Marie