Friday, September 25, 2009

Eden's Bouquet

Jen, proprietress of the enchanting world of Eden's Bouquet, is holding a giveaway for a $300 gift certificate. I discovered this line about a year ago and simply fell in love with her beautiful things. They are certain to become heirlooms you will want to pass down to your grandchildren. French laces, rich fabrics, beautiful details, and romantic designs all make these truly lovely clothes for your children. The deadline to enter is Sunday, September 27, at 9:00.

Eden's Bouquet


The Vosslers said...

Dee, how do you enter? The link didn't show an entry form. I would love to enter!

Charm and Grace said...

Lovely, lovely things on this site. Makes me wish for a little one to dress... Hope all is well with you and your precious ones.


joyinthejourney said...

Hey Dee, Your blog is so pretty. Why did you change your name--or back to English?I like it both ways.

Cha Cha said...

I love your blog, came by to visit from Pearls and Grace. You have a beautiful heart. Thanks for linking so I could meet you.

Cha Cha

Kitchen Belleicious said...

WOW sounds great. I will go and enter. COming from Southern MAma's and love your blog. I am now following you. Come check me out if you get a chance. I would love to have you and i am doing a giveaway of my own!

Wacie's Way said...

Welcome to Souther Mommas! Your blog is so pretty and I am so jealous that you live in Charleston - my dream place!

momof3girls said...

I hope you and the girls are doing well. I'd love to see some new pictures. (hint, hint) Blessings sweet friend.

Anonymous said...

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Dana said...

Thanks for your kind comment on my blog. I left you a response regarding your question. I would love to work with you! Just send me your details.

You have a beautiful blog. I look forward to visiting.

...and I am also called Dee by my family!


James said...

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joyinthejourney said...

Let's start blogging again: ) I'm in if ur in!!