Sunday, October 26, 2008

Today, our tiny family of believers began the process of becoming a formal church by signing a petition to give to our presbytery. Each founding family member was asked to write their signature on this paper which will one day be a historical document for our church. Mark and I looked on as each of our daughters penned their name, first Holland and then, Dulcie. We watched with pride as Dulcie carefully wrote her first name. Then, we watched as she began to write what we thought was an F for her last name. Dulcie had another thought though. To our chagrin, she drew a heart! Oh dear! Perhaps one day, her great grandchildren will find it endearing.

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Donna said...

Dee Ann, That is so precious. That was really a sweet Sunday. I wonder what the presbytery will think about how many Non-communicate members we have????Heehee
That little heart is so sweet!

You should be our church historian!