Monday, September 29, 2008

God's Princess

A beautiful thing happened in our home Saturday. My first born accepted Christ as her savior. Holland has always loved hearing stories from the Bible and reading God's word to herself. She's always been faithful to pray. The past few months though, she has been asking serious questions and truly drinking in the answers. I knew the Holy Spirit was speaking to her. On a recent Autumn evening, mother and daughter snuggled under Grandmother's worn quilt and just talked and read scripture together. Holland told me she knew she was a sinner and thus, was separated from God. She expressed her desire for forgiveness. She knew that Jesus, God's son, died on the cross for her and rose again to give eternal life. She told me that she trusts Him. I held her while she prayed a sinner's prayer, inviting Jesus to dwell in her heart and I was there when God forgave her and welcomed her to his family. How can one put into words the joy of knowing your child is promised a place in heaven for eternity?


DanaW said...

The Angels in Heaven are rejoicing!

There is no better treasure than knowing one of our precious ones will be sitting at the feet of Jesus for eternity.

Congratulations, Dee Ann and Mark!

In Him,

momof3girls said...

Praise God! A parent can't ask for a more beautiful gift!

Anonymous said...

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